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Emergency/After-Hours Contact

Getting ahold of someone promptly when there is an emergency is of vital importance. General questions and reservation inquiries can be handled during our regular office hours and through our office line. However, if you are experiencing any of the following scenerios, you may need immediate assistance:

Are you lost after hours finding your rental?

Are you you locked out of your vacation rental after hours?

Are you a neighbor reporting a noise, garbage or occupancy complaint?

Are you a neighbor experiencing a trespassing violation?

Please call AND text the following numbers for after-hours/emergency response:

(509)-881-5941 and (509) 885-4616

Our guests sign an extensive contract concerning the adherence to both our company guidelines and the local/county oridances. We do not tolerate violation of any kind and respectfully ask that our neighbors submit the following information when filing a complaint:

  • Address or location of the property in question
  • Detailed description of the complaint
  • Audio/video recordings of the violation are encouraged
  • Name and contact information of the person filing the complaint for follow-up
  • Do NOT wait to report a violation. The sooner we hear about a violation, the sooner we can remedy the situation. 
  • Quite hours are between 10 PM and 8AM. If noise occurs at 10:05 PM please call and text us.
  • If unable to readily get ahold of us please contact the Sheriff’s department.